Easy Monday...

Restless night’s sleep, but it hasn’t caught up with me yet. Out of bed a little after six, and back to work on the long piece, hacking away at a small but quarrelsome section at the back end of the work. It’s not there yet, but better than when I began, so I guess there’s still some hope of salvaging it.

Revisited a Jess Walter story in B.A.S.S. last night. Reminded me of how much I liked his novel, The Zero. Gotta dig into another of his long pieces.

Made it to the gym early afternoon, put in a good workout, then came back home and got in a little more work.

The yard’s beginning to green up at last, but the weather folks are saying a new snowstorm is on the way, so I guess summer’s not here exactly yet. Still. Can feel the warm in the air and it’s real. Can’t wait to see the trees start to leaf out.

J’s “actual” birthday tomorrow. His quotes, not mine. Gonna have dinner with the family tomorrow night, do a little more celebrating.

Till then.