Yeah, Wednesday again...

Had a great time at J’s birthday bash last night. Not sure whether his “first” drone ever got off the ground, but hope to hear news of it before long.

Got a decent night’s sleep for a change, thanks to mother’s little helper. Still had some bad dreams, but nothing to remember and nothing to dwell on. Was up early at the keyboard, and managed to have a productive morning with the long piece. Getting close to the end again. One of these days, it’s going to be the real, honest-to-goodness end, and a great weight is going to life from my shoulders and find on new life on someone else’s.

Hit the gym later than usual, but that was okay, too. By then the snow was coming in and the place was mostly deserted. Not sure what sort of accumulation to expect. Doesn’t look like much of it will stick, but I guess we’ll see. It’s that time of year to be surprised

Still searching for a new novel to read. Can’t seem to land on anything, but would like to track down the piece that was excerpted in the NYer a month or so ago. The Viet Nam story by Salvatore Scibona.

First things first. Young M back tomorrow. Need to gird the loins and stay prepared.